A Literary PR and Brand Marketing Company

Grey Matter's Ink

The mere ability to creatively pull your ideas together and write your manuscript is a feat of its own merit.  At Grey Matter's Ink we understand the creative, but more importantly know the needs that have now developed.  Our team focuses in on those needs, from Editorial review, Copy write filings and brand management into the market place.  Garnering final reviews, market and press placement.  Building your presence in an ever demanding, evolving literary market.  

The Indie Author​

Grey Matter's Ink has vast experience with the evolving Indie Mark.  Catering and Facilitating the foundation for your brand by utilizing our vast network of contacts.  Furnishing needs from editorial manuscript review, filing copywrites, plot and character development review, brand consulting and planning for future development of a series.    Allow us to streamline your experience into the market place with a firm confidence.  Contact us for a personalized consult.  

The Traditional Author

Our Team has a long and trusted relationship with publishers.  Working directly and in constant respect of the traditional author's needs to promote in the market place.  Facilitating new market attention, reviews, and social media presence.  Our reach and broadcast within specialized networks allow us to garner new reviews, interviews and bookings.

From Insperation, outline, and the written word...Now what?